NYT’s Leibovich Gets Overflow Room

Who says NYT‘s Mark Leibovich will never get invited anyplace in Washington after writing his summer blockbuster about the wealth of self-promoting douchebags in Washington?

Well, just about everyone.

But just about everyone also knows it’s not true.

Such was the case last night at The Hill Center, where lefty radio personality Bill Press interviewed Leibovich at his monthly “Talk of the Hill” event. Watch out — we may have to soon start saluting him — the crowd required an overflow room.

We asked Press for his thoughts on last night…“For two years, I’ve been hosting a monthly ‘Talk of the Hill’ program at The Hill Center, interviewing special guests,” Press told FishbowlDC. “Previous guests included U.S. Senators, members of Congress, columnists, and Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson. Biggest crowd ever was last night – for Mark Leibovich. First time ever we’ve needed an overflow room. Obviously, still a lot of interest among Washingtonians for book published in July. Enthusiastic response.”

Best line of the night: Mark pointed out big change in Washington. “People no longer come here for public service but for self-service,” said Leibovich, who, according to Press, “also admitted that the crowd of phonies he writes about are not the ‘real’ Washington, but a small slice of self-promoters who get all the media attention.”

Press’s takeaway from the evening: “After hearing Leibovich’s put-down of the shallow, self-promoting Washington crowd, I’m happy I’m not mentioned in his book!”