Mark Kriski: ‘I Couldn’t Be Better’

KTLA’s Mark Kriski is set to make his triumphant return to the airwaves after being sidelined for several months battling a wicked case of viral pneumonia. Kriski needed several emergency surgeries to save his life, but now tells Fishbowl LA “I couldn’t be better.” Kriski feels so good in fact, he plans to return to the 7-10 shift this Monday–though he isn’t coming back full time yet.

“They’re going to ease me in,” Kriski says. “I don’t know how many days a week yet. We’re going to have to see how the energy is.”

That makes sense, considering Kriski’s battle with pneumonia still isn’t over yet. He still needs one final surgery which will keep him out of action for up to 10 days. “They need go in and clean everything up and make sure everything is OK,” he says. “There’s only so much information you can get from an ultrasound.”

Kriski says his viewers have been overwhelmingly supportive, but he has taken a goodnatured jab or two on Twitter over his absence. A few months before he got sick, Kriski was called out on the air for saying the trapped Chilean miners needed to get back to work–something Kriski’s Twitter followers have been reminding him of.

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