Mark Ebner Looks up Britney’s Skirt, Finds Bargaining Chips


Mark Ebner, the bad boy of Hollywood investigative writers, looks at the Britney/Fed-Ex “sex” tape and finds that the rug doesn’t match the drapes. From his post:

Hollywood, Interrupted can now reveal that EVERYTHING–from the speculated K-Fed/Britney sex tape, to the ubiquitous upskirt shots–was all coordinated and planned by the fractured fairy tale couple and their representatives as bargaining chips in their nasty divorce settlement!

Even Lindsay and Paris got into the act, by going out on the town and “empowering” Britney by encouraging her to flash the press, according to Ebner’s sources.

FBLA doesn’t know if these sources actually exist, but encourages readers to click on the link, if only for Ebner’s inspired use of Photo-shop.