Mark Cuban: Being a billionaire means never having to punctuate

Mark Cuban‘s blog today carries an interesting come-to-Jesus sermon for the newspaper business vis a vis movies and TV show advertising”


“Its [sic] expensive to advertise movies or TV shows in either newspapers or magazines. Very expensive Where entertainment is traditionally advertised, you guys know you got us, and it shows in your pricing. The pricing in the Movie and TV sections of print media is outrageous. Which means that every single company in the entertainment business is looking for a way to never ever have to spend a nickel with you again. Our entire business knows we have to spend money with you now, but we are experimenting with every option possible to pull that money from you and spend it elsewhere.”

(Apparently, punctuation is the first thing to go when you’re a billionaire.)

And if they don’t? Um, dont?

“…if you dont start to recognize the problem and proactively create programs that make you DEMONSTRATIVELY more cost effective and impactful than other mediums, you will lose, and lose big. Im guessing this wouldnt be a good time for this to happen in your industries.”

That last line makes us think Cuban has a keen sense of humor, after all.