Mario Teguh Is Third Most Engaging On Facebook

Two fan favorite religious pages still remain untouchable places for lively conversation, but motivational speaker Mario Teguh is becoming a notable contender claiming a place in the top three for the first time.

Two fan favorite religious pages still remain untouchable places for lively conversation, but motivational speaker Mario Teguh is becoming a notable contender claiming a place in the top three for the first time.

Most Engaging Pages On Facebook

1. Jesus Daily5,806,5121,809,810
2. The Bible7,503,1841,018,280
3. Mario Teguh4,169,904930,352
4. Kemal Kilicdaroglu1,373,521648,005
5. Necip Fazil Kisakurek1,120,991631,589
6. Justin Bieber29,198,312608,900
7. Lady Gaga37,416,605591,682
8. Rihanna36,738,271554,341
9. We are Khaled Said1,388,146423,758
10. MTV Roadies1,784,844423,750
11. The Twilight Saga22,087,461401,276
12. NBA9,386,099382,550
13. ILoveAllaah.com5,844,016373,853
14. Educate Yourself1,370,764371,996
15. Recep Tayyip Erdogan973,299369,884
16. Jesus Christ2,665,262363,268
17. Linkin Park29,820,429357,911
18. TUTTO E DI PIU’596,735334,987
19. “I’m Proud To Be
Christian” by Aaron Chavez
20. CamorraAndLove1,228,290328,874


For over a month Jesus Daily has topped our engaging pages list, and this week is no exception. Though the page finished with a fan increase under 200,000, the conversational bunch still tallied an unrelenting 1,809,810 interactions. A similar pattern is found just a place behind as The Bible had 1,018,280 thoughts added to various discussions.

Located on the second half of this week’s countdown, claims the 13th spot with 373,853 posts added to the wall. Located three places back is the page dedicated to Jesus Christ; the well-known option saw an interaction total of 363,268.

A newcomer with a similar concept – daily religious scripture posts with discussion of the subject – “I’m Proud To Be Christian” by Aaron Chavez climbs into the 19th position as the content posted sparked a noisy conversation with 332,326 contributors.


Indonesia motivator Mario Teguh continues to push forward at a consistent rate as the conversation moves him into the top three for the first time; the speaker saw a seven day interaction total of 930,352.

In Turkey, Kemal Kilicdaroglu lost a recent election, but his social networking home ends up in fourth on our countdown as its interaction total grew by 648,005 comments. Just a place behind is Necip Fazil Kisakurek; the page had a notable 631,589 posts added. Election winner Recep Tayyip Erdogan‘s social networking hub on Facebook makes a first time appearance in the 15th spot with the help of 369,884 chattering fans.

In Egypt, We are Khaled Said continues to be a hotspot for lively social and political talks; 423,758 social networkers adding a thought on the wall landing the page in ninth. Educate Yourself also makes the cut once again, though it falls a few spots to 14th, with 371,996 likers partaking in the discussion.

In Italy, a page filled with encouraging loving messages, Tutto E Di Piu’, finds its way on to the top 20 for the first time with 334,987 commenters. CamorraAndLove returns as an engaging page to close out our countdown; the banter included 328,874 interactions.


Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga both slip to the sixth and seventh spots respectively; the young star had 608,900 fans conversing while the pop diva finished with a weekly interaction total of 591,682.

A recent magazine cover, trivia questions, and pictures from the road help Rihanna make a first time appearance landing in eighth with a thank you owed to 554,341 chatty social networkers. Linkin Park is posting tour dates and artwork entries from their on-going contest; the fans are engaged as 357,911 responses and posts were counted. The hard rock band comes in 17th place.


“MTV Roadies” holds its ground on the middle of our countdown; viewers have added 423,750 interactions since last Monday.


The first trailer for the upcoming film in The Twilight Saga was released last week, and anticipation is building at a rapid rate. The upcoming release helped entice 401,276 posts from likers.


The exciting NBA finals came to a conclusion last night, but the series had diehard basketball lovers debating who would walk away as the victor. The high volume of predictions and sports talk landed the page in 12th with 382,550 thoughts added to the discussion.

Readers, did you find yourself interacting on any of these pages in the past week?