Mario Teguh Is Facebook's Third Most Engaging Page

The Indonesian motivational speaker returns to our chart this week, but still isn't quite as engaging as certain religious pages.

The Indonesian motivational speaker returns to our chart this week, but still isn’t quite as engaging as certain religious pages.

Facebook’s Most Engaging Pages

1. Jesus Daily10,376,4183,392,610
2. Dios Es Bueno4,612,6372,157,714
3. Mario Teguh5,073,1881,310,764
4. The Bible8,346,1991,037,571
5. Justin Bieber37,651,8761,012,381
6. Joyce Meyer Ministries1,666,131768,464
7. Real Madrid C.F.21,556,242697,529
8. Lady Gaga45,176,042573,444
9. MTV Roadies3,298,693558,480
10. ILoveAllaah.com6,587,821544,555
11. Renuevo de Plenitud2,449,968482,257
12. Manchester United20,392,716450,209
13. Texas Hold’em Poker52,928,232412,622
14. Werevertumorro2,925,901408,784
15. Michael Jackson42,388,349365,568
16. Jesus Christ3,240,882363,488
17. Dahsyat5,457,344336,122
18. Mehmetçik2,519,167323,443
19. Rihanna47,140,777322,925
20. GodVine1,634,429321,412


Coming to the midway point of November, Jesus Daily is still comfortably leading the countdown with a massive 3,392,610 interaction total. It is the number two page though that will have heads turning. Picking up a truly competitive 2,157,714 finish, Dios Es Bueno puts up a great fight in second place.

Witnessing a decrease in engagement, The Bible is settling for fourth picking up 1,037,571 posts. Still following a strategy of simple, frequent, updates, Joyce Meyer Ministries has a huge week finishing three places ahead from its previous ranking of ninth place; 768,464 comments is the final tally.

Remaining steady midway into the countdown, has a consistent 544,555 week. The Facebook approach remains unchanged for Renuevo de Plenitud, but the page does manage a 482,257 comeback that places it seven places ahead to 11th.

The typically loyal fans found on this Jesus Christ dedication seem to be simmering down; 363,488 voices lead to a two spot loss in 16th. Returning in the final position, GodVine is back collecting 321,412 “likes” and comments.


The regular empowering updates from Mario Teguh are met with great response this time around; 1,310,764 participants in the discussion aid in a comeback in third.

Video blogs, fan-focused questions, and other comedic notes are at the core of Werevertumorro‘s social media efforts. Moving one place forward, the page engages an audience of 408,784 users – a 14th place end. The Turkish army’s social networking home – Mehmetçik – sees a smaller interactivity total of 323,443 that leaves it five positions behind in 18th place.


Justin Bieber is currently utilizing the social network to promote his new holiday record release. The young star sees a 1,012,381 engagement total placing him in fifth. A new single and upcoming book release are key focal points for the Lady Gaga team; the new material has 573,444 chatterers helping to spark Gaga’s return to the eight spot.

A posthumous new album of remixes appears to be a main reason for Michael Jackson‘s comeback consisting of 365,568 interactions – a 15th position finish. New music also has a hand in Rihanna‘s 19th place appearance coming as a result of 322,925 likers.

European Football

It is certainly a silent week in comparison to the previous for sports fans. Even after a victory this week, Real Madrid C.F‘s 697,529 interactions leaves it back in eighth.

It is a similar story for Manchester United who take a hard five place slam to 12th; 450,209 fans continue to converse on the team’s Facebook home.


Two television shows from around the world are hosting very lively discussions. India’s “MTV Roadies” is a regular competitor. Although the show is in between seasons, it still makes the cut progressing to ninth with 558,480 interactions.

Indonesia’s “Dahsyat” is a well-received – even though it posts every update to Twitter making it an unusual exception on the countdown – and engages an audience of 336,122 viewers. This reception gives the show its first appearance in 17th.

Social Gaming

Zynga sees diminishing results for Texas Hold’em Poker. You can still score free goods pretty regularly, but that only helps place the page in 13th this week totaling 412,622 talkative fans.

Readers, did you find yourself adding to the discussion on Facebook’s most engaging pages?

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