Marijuana Publications Achieve Rare Growth In Print Media

LA Weekly reports on the boom of pot magazines and newspapers, as other print publications are cutting back or shutting down. Unfortunately it may not be good news for journalists. L.A. JEMM (Los Angeles Journal for Education on Medical Marijuana) is the largest pot publication in Los Angeles. It’s packed with lucrative advertisements. And yet they’re stealing their content:

The January 2010 issue includes articles reprinted from Time, Bloomberg News and The Wall Street Journal. Those articles would be fairly expensive to acquire – if the publication sought permission.

Also in the current issue are three articles from the L.A. Times – two by staff writer John Hoeffel, one by columnist Steve Lopez – and two pieces from the L.A. Daily News, including one from City Hall columnist Rick Orlov.

Both dailies tell the Weekly that the material was used without permission or payment, and each newspaper plans to issue a cease-and-desist letter to JEMM.