Rebranding and Hiring As The Pot Beat Grows

marijuanacomlogosThe time has finally arrived where you can be a professional journalist and immerse yourself in marijuana culture., which has long been a go-to source for marijuana knowledge bought four years ago. The domain always hosted content, but now that marijuana activism has reached a tipping point and states start to legalize it for recreational and medicinal uses, there are a lot of serious issues to cover. They’re currently looking for a managing editor and accepting freelance pitches.

Kat Smith, Director for Customer Engagement over at Weedmaps, says the move was a long time coming:

We felt that there was a gap in the marketplace for the type of aggregation and information around marijuana. Cannibis Culture and High Times and other mainstream outlets are doing a good job, but we just wanted to make sure that since was so popular that we utilized that space to inform people. We’re very much of the mindset that with the rising tide of legalization, and all the different things that are happening, we make sure we are educating and engaging in dialogue with everyone. People in the marijuana community and legislators, or just people that want to know more about marijuana. That was really the thought behind it so three months ago we went about setting up for a rebrand, so thats what you see and our goal is to be a best in class publication and make it an informative place.

It’s not just about researching the difference indica and sativa or content on how to pass a drug test — though you can do that, too, in the “Strains” and “Higher Learning” verticals. They’re also covering the glitches and fine print of some states’ legalization efforts, lifestyle features, a series called “Women in Weed,” and covering environmental and legislation issues. There’s also an “Activism” vertical that features a regular column by NORML founder Keith Stroup.

It’s a huge mix of content. Says Smith:

Right now it’s about finding our identity and making sure that we are providing a circumspect look at the space. The mainstream is press is really great at negative stories [about marijuana]. But it’s important to also report on positive stories and engage in dialogue. One thing I have noticed about the industry is that it’s young, its nimble, its responsive. We want to look at both sides of things so we can collaborate and advocate for legalization. I don’t think its any secret that we are advocates of moving towards legalization but as far as that going into all of the content — that’s why we have an activism section.

Shareable stoner humor blended with serious coverage of the increasingly interesting and intense marijuana beat. If you’re passionate about pot and journalism, this is your moment to shine. Weedmaps and are still actively looking for a managing editor and contributors. Contact @KatSmith if you want to get in on the action.