Marie Claire Tweets That Kendall Jenner Pioneered Cornrows; Outrage Ensues

kendall-jenner-marie-claireAnd this is why worshiping at the altar of people who have no merit of being idolized is stupid (shout out to entertainment media and everyone who follows Justin Bieber on Twitter).

For those not in the know (or the care), that is Kendall Jenner, a fave of paparazzi vultures everywhere. As you can tell, she thought would braid her hair. You know, as if she has seen it somewhere before but where in the world has she?


Oh yeah, I wonder if she knows anyone who hangs out with black people? Nah, probably not.

I only say that because uber-homogeneous publication Marie Claire tweeted some utter stupidity, claimed those braids were “epic,” and subsequently got a harsh “hello” from this alternative stratosphere called “Black Twitter.”

First, here’s Marie Claire’s shout out to white chicks:

Really? Those are epic, which proves some people who work in the New York office don’t get out much because there are these people that have been rocking “bold braids” for years. They’re called “black women.” Holler back, I’ll introduce you to some.

In fact, some were so moved by this dunderhead move, they hollered first:

So, after that sampling of a crap sammich, Marie Claire decided an apology may be in order:

Yeah, not so much.