Maria Menounos Starts Hilarious Mel Gibson Rumor

Stranger things have happened, although even just the imagined sight of Mel Gibson in this context is enough to give FishbowlLA whiplash.

During a chat this morning with K-Earth 101’s Gary Bryan, the Extra! co-host picked up on Mad Mel’s recent boogie-down appearance at her Bud Light sponsored birthday party with the following playful suggestion:

“I think he’s auditioning for Dancing with the Stars to be honest, and I think he has a really good chance. You should have seen his moves, he was great.”

“I don’t know, I’m going to start that rumor.”

Menounos puts on a big birthday bash every other year and says did not know Gibson was going to show up. A friend who brought him knew beforehand, but refrained from telling her. Menounos was and is a good sport about it all; we can think of many other celeb journos who would have been decidedly non-plussed.

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