Margaret Sullivan Points to David Carr

Washington Post writer chats with Recode's Peter Kafka.

“Mmm, no.” That’s how Margaret Sullivan greeted Recode podcast host Peter Kafka’s suggestion that her jobs at The New York Times and The Washington Post are similar.

From the conversation:

“I told him [Washington Post editor Marty Baron] that I thought that David Carr at The New York Times had done a great job. He of course agreed, as every sentient being does, and said that I would try to … I don’t think I can be David Carr but I would sort of model what I was doing on that, which means taking a kind of a getting up and looking at it from a little bit higher and broader perspective.”

The anniversary of Carr’s death is upcoming (Feb. 12). Sullivan and Kafka also delve into the challenges associated with covering President Trump, which of course is a topic Carr would have run wild with. At the Times, Carr’s legacy continues in the form of talented namesake fellows Amanda Hess, John Herman and Greg Howard. Their initial terms are scheduled to run through the beginning of 2017.