Margaret Sullivan Won’t Miss Articles About the Excesses of the Super-Rich

One of "Five Things" the exiting New York Times public editor is happy to be leaving behind.

NYTWealthyCitiesGraphWith a tip of the hat to recent lunch date Ben Smith, Margaret Sullivan is closing out her time as New York Times public editor with a double-barreled listicle. She has shared five things she won’t miss about The Gray Lady, followed by seven things that she will. In so doing, Sullivan gives the fourth entry in the first half of her rundown a nice, personal touch:

4. Articles that celebrate the excesses of the 1 percent – like the recent real estate piece explaining that members of a certain class of homeowners feel they need something called a “four-pack”: a pied-à-terre in New York, a beach house in the Hamptons, a ski villa in Aspen and a winter condo in Miami. These were especially disturbing on days when, after getting off the subway, I once again had seen a particular diminutive woman who seemed for a time to be living in a crate in the Times Square station – or any one of the New Yorkers who lack even one humble home.

The article in question, “If It’s March, It Must Be Miami: When Homes Change With the Seasons,” was written by CNBC wealth editor Robert Frank and published in print March 6. An accompanying graph (pictured) showed that in terms of Peak Millionaire concentration, the winner is London during the month of July. (And for those travelers looking to minimize the potential of a have-not vibe in a jet-set hub, Cannes in February is a good bet.)

And at No. 4 on the what-Sullivan-will-miss list is a healthy chunk of the 99 percent. She thanks the valuable contributions of the five assistants who have helped her patrol the NYT beat over the years – Joseph Burgess, Meghan Gourley, Jonah Bromwich, Joumana Khatib and Evan Gershkovich.