Margaret Sullivan Doesn’t Want Gretchen Carlson to Settle

A difficult decision nears.

Gretchen Carlson‘s sexual harassment lawsuit against Roger Ailes and all that it has unearthed exists in tension between the public and private.

On one side is the harassment that occurred in secret and the complaints that may have been secreted away, on the other, Carlson’s suit and the coverage, especially Gabriel Sherman‘s, that have made the private public. In the center are Fox News settlements for information that could have become public, were it not for non-disclosure agreements that provided financial compensation in return for silence.

And while Carlson may be nearing a settlement, something Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan concedes “might be the best outcome personally,” Sullivan hopes Carlson won’t settle, for the greater public good.

“A settlement — which could happen within days — would allow the whole thing to fade away,” writes Sullivan, pointing out that Ailes is “poised to rise from the ashes.”

Whereas, a trial “would keep this important subject alive and in the public eye,” writes Sullivan. “While it would take many months, maybe even years, to get to court, it would eventually bring all of the ugliness out into the light of day.”

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