Marching Band ‘Dorks’ Force Jim Rome to Apologize

ohio state marching band

When Marching Bands Attack

CBS Sports Radio talk show host and renowned bloviator Jim Rome likes to espouse his opinion from time to time. You could say he is good at it, at least noted by the many shows he has hosted. Maybe he just can’t keep a job.

At any rate, his opinion recently got him in trouble when he referred to the members of marching bands as “dorks.”

Rome seemed to forget that marching bands count many as members who do not happen to be pockmarked high schoolers.

The event quickly devolved into hunting season, as these things tend to do, on Twitter:

Following his Rose Bowl faux pas, Rome decided to reflect on the tweet error of his ways and apologized…on Twitter, of course:

This sentiment was almost certainly sincere, but many still want to beat Rome down with a bassoon:

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