March Madness: The Final Two

mblogo.jpgIt all comes down to this. It’s been a chaotic ride in FishbowlDC’s First Annual Pundit March Madness, as we’ve watched some new kids on the block fall by the wayside (Where have you gone, Eugene Robinson?) and some rockstars demonstrate the kind of pundit moves that got them in our newspapers and on our television screens in the first place.

The Final Four has been whittled down to two: Howard Fineman and Charles Krauthammer. Krauthammer proved that men truly are necessary, as he trounced Maureen Dowd 245-140 in their regional match. Fineman, on the other hand, just barely squeaked by Bill Kristol, 55-45 (as of press time, there was no word as to whether Kristol’s defeat was more or less humiliating than having a pie tossed in his face). If momentum means anything in political punditry, Krauthammer certainly goes into tonight’s tournament final with the upper hand.

But it’s not called Madness for nothing, so anything can happen. Heck, television bookers probably haven’t even finalized their evening lineup yet.

The shakeup from the Final Four to the Championship game found two of the three surviving bracket participants out of contention, meaning that the winner of FishbowlDC’s First Annual Pundit March Madness has already been determined. But we’ll save the suspense for tomorrow.

Enjoy the game, er, cable evening talk shows and what not…