Marc Newson Teams Up with Dom Perignon for Another Cool Cooler

Marc Newson has returned to a familiar client, Dom Perignon. He’s worked with the fancy champagne brand three times in the past and was even included in Phaidon‘s &Fork book for his work with them (here’s his efforts from 2006, his first project with them, we believe). With this latest, it’s once again a type of carrier/cooler and called Black Box. To our eyes, it looks vaguely like the packaging you find electronics packed in once you get past the outer cardboard layer. Of course it also prominently features the brand’s label and a silhouette of a bottle, so everyone will know what you’re type of champagne you’re carrying as you’re, say, waiting for the bus or on a brisk jog. Here’s a bit of info about the structure of the case from the press release over at Dezeen (who also have a couple of great photos):

The result is a striking travel case created especially for a bottle of Dom Perignon Vintage 2000, made of polycarbonate, a durable modern material, which has the added advantage of thermal compatibility. “As for the ‘hot and cool’ aspect, there’s the literal interpretation: It does have the physical attribute to maintain temperature. And it has to be a hot and cool — as in ‘desirable’ — product”, explains Newson. The bottle is completely insulated thanks to a double mold: The Black Box protects its precious contents from shock and temperature variations, thus preserving it while making a design statement all its own. Once it has been used as a portable stylish isotherm, the handle can also be removed to retain an uber cool design piece.

Pair that with Newson’s new run-forever, absurdly expensive Atmos 566 clock and maybe you’ll finally feel complete.