Marc Newson Takes Home the London Design Award


Fresh off his mission to keep making Australian air travel more stylish, designer Marc Newson picked up a new award to place on his mantel, as it was announced that he has been given the London Design Medal, awarded during the ongoing London Design Festival.  It’s the second award the fest has given out, the first going to Zaha Hadid last year, and was hosted by the Phillips de Pury & Company gallery. Here’s a bit:

Ben Evans, Festival Director, said “It is a great honour to present the London Design Medal to Marc Newson in recognition of his outstanding contribution to design.  With almost no area of modern life beyond his reach or vision Marc is an inspiration to all.”

Born in 1963 in Sydney, Marc Newson has made a career out of creating a better-looking future. With his formative years being played out against the space race and the moon landings, there is a retro-futurist sensibility to Newson’s work. “The future used to be really futuristic,” he says. “There was a sense of utopia about how it might be.  We didn’t know that when we got there it was going to be so banal. The job of a designer is to look at the future.”