Marc Newson Mega-Monograph Coming Soon (But Start Coveting It Now!)

From left, the collector’s edition and the limited art edition. (Photos courtesy Taschen)

We first heard rumblings of a Marc Newson book to end all Marc Newson books late last year, with word that publication was planned for spring. But by the time April showers brought May flowers, a megatome was nowhere to be found. We busied ourselves with a Pentax K-01 and hoped for the best, because there’s no rushing a 600-page creative retrospective, particularly when it is being produced by Taschen in close collaboration with the Sydney-born designer himself. Reader, it won’t be long now.

Marc Newson will enter the world this September in two deluxe formats: a collector’s edition of 1,000 numbered and signed copies, each in a linen-covered slipcase, and [trumpet fanfare] an ultracovetable art edition of 100 copies. The latter features leather marquetry on the cover and comes tucked inside a slip case made of Micarta, a signature Newsonian composite whose rich brown tone deepens when exposed to ultraviolet light.

The book itself is organized as an encylopedia, with entries arranged chronologically by category—from furniture and objects to transport and unreleased projects—that include every Newson project since his first art-school pieces nearly three decades ago. In-depth case studies examine major undertakings including the Qantas Airbus A380, Gagosian art editions, Ikepod watches, and Aquariva boat, while Gagosian director Louise Neri‘s new interview with the designer provides a closer look at the man himself.