Marc Maron is a Profoundly Funny Man

Marc Maron’s podcast has blown up recently and it’s given the comedian new notoriety in the last year. And it’s well deserved – he’s brilliant.

Case in point: Sunday on a regular flight from New York to LA flying business class Maron finds himself sitting next to Ken Mehlman. Mehlman served as RNC Chairman and Bush Campaign Chief and was an architect of the “homos will destroy marriage therefore vote Republican” 2004 campaign. Then late last month, Mehlman admitted what most of Washington already knew – he’s gay.

So Mehlman is out and laying low and then sits next to tweeter Maron on a flight. We believe this is the first brush with the media – the first interview with anyone publishing anything since he came out as a back-stabber to his kind a few weeks ago. Maron tweeted that Mehlman said if Sarah Palin got nominated “it wouldn’t be good.” And the former Chairman called Palin pal Delaware senate candidate Christine O’Donnell “kooky.”

Are there ethical implications here for Maron? Did he need to tell Mehlman he was on the record? Do comics have to warn you not to do something stupid in front of them so they won’t do a joke about you? Should we all just assume what we say in public is – public?

Inquire with Maron’s nipple…it clearly was there.

We asked Maron, while he was still on the flight if he exchanged numbers with Mehlman since they are both going to be in LA. “Not yet,” Maron relayed to FBLA. “He’s watching Curb Your Enthusiasm at the moment.”

Below: another pic and some choice tweets.


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Photo credit: Marc Maron