Marc Cooper’s War Stories

Former LA Weekly writer Marc Cooper has a new online project — recreating the details of his most harrowing assignments from his 35 years in journalism.

Cooper explains:

Reporters’ war stories, literal or otherwise, can be dreadfully boring to those outside a small circle of friends. But nary a night goes by when I don’t shuffle through a half-dozen of them — perhaps only for a fleeting moment — and re-live them almost as intensely as I did in the moment they occurred.

I have decided, then, to start writing them all down. For no particular purpose, except perhaps to fully savor them all one more time before they fully recede in time.

Over the coming weeks and months, that is what I intend to do on this blog. Purely as some sort of perverse hobby. And in no particular order. Nor with any guarantee that every detail is accurate.

Everything will be, merely, as I remember them. They are my truths. They have made my life and changed my life.

H/T Ed Padgett