Marc Andreessen to Join Facebook's Board

Kara Swisher has news that Marc Andreessen, the found of Netscape, has verbally agreed to join the board of Facebook. The announcement came hours after Kara first reported about yet another Googler leaving the search engine to join Facebook. Not only will Facebook get a new head of communications but they’ll also get one of the most sought after investors and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

Mark Zuckerberg has been amazingly successful at building a team of top tier executives and board members to help build the company into a world class organization. Facebook is increasingly the hottest startup to work for in the valley. Even though the company has yet to figure out a solid long-term revenue model, they have had no challenge in attracting the top talent. You can bet that the top Googlers are not too happy about the talent shift taking place.

Expect more big names to hop on the Facebook train as they chug toward one of the most anticipated IPOs since Google.

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