Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz Launch Venture-Capital Firm

Netscape Communications founder Marc Andreessen officially launched venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz Monday with partner Ben Horowitz and $300 million in funding, and he shared his thoughts on his new company and Silicon Valley in general with Kevin Maney in an exclusive interview for Fortune.

In the interview, Horowitz told Fortune, “One thing that separates [Andreessen] from almost everyone in Silicon Valley is that he knows what’s going on not only in all the tech businesses, but in all the media business, the financial business, the porn business…You name it, he’ll understand where tech meets the market.”

Facebook founder and CEO Marc Zuckerberg chimed in that Andreessen “became a sounding board about management and how to build a strong technology company. He has strong views on that, and they helped shape mine.”

And AOL co-founder Steve Case adds, “Marc is like a rock star who had his first album hit big, and then the next ones were not quite the same…There’s a lot of respect for the fact that he persevered. He evolved a couple times and ultimately succeeded.”

“No clean tech, no rocket ships, no electric cars. No China or India,” Andreessen told Maney in explaining the new company’s investment strategy, adding that his “unwavering view” is that the Internet will soon take over all aspects of our lives.

In talking about how technology is an industry for the young, he says, “So the 24-year-old coming out of Stanford will have a view of technology that the 29-year-old—who was 24 just five years ago—would never think of. We love that kind of thing.”