MapQuest 4 Mobile 2.0: Free iPhone App Provides Spoken Street Names & Plays Well with Pandora

Turn=by-turn map navigation was not allowed to run on iPhones just a few years ago (the iPhone itself is only 3 years old this month). It is a different story today with a variety of navigation options available to iPhone users. But, another entry is always welcome and especially so when it is free. MapQuest 4 Mobile is a free iPhone app that was just updated to version 2 (current is 2.0.2).
MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone Adds Spoken Street Names and Supports iOS 4
This update adds spoken street names,automatic re-routing, and plays well with Pandora. MapQuest 4 Mobile can reduce the Pandora’s music when it needs to utter a street name and then restore Pandora’s music volume level.