Mapping Racial Diversity in Los Angeles

A cool infographic series is making its way around the web. After cartographer Bill Rankin produced a map showing Chicago’s racial segregation, Eric Fischer decided to do the same for other cities across America, using year 2000 census data.

Here’s the color-coded map for LA: White is pink; Black is blue; Hispanic is orange, and Asian is green.

los angeles racial .png

Cliff Kuang at Fast Company says of LA, “Because no part of the city is particularly dense, you get blended neighborhoods which are at times larger than the racially homogeneous ones.”

Not so sure about that. Pasadena seems fairly blended, but the rest of the city looks pretty segregated to us — especially when compared with a city like San Francisco. We do stack up well next to Detroit however.

Check out Fischer’s other 39 cities here.