Mapping Facebook’s Growth Over Time

Using Google’s new Insights for Search tool, Inside Facebook has mapped Facebook’s US and international search growth over time from its launch in February 2004 to the present. Note that while these are not visits, searches and visits do generally correlate.

United States

April 2004

Facebook launches in February 2004 at Harvard University in Massachusetts.

June 2004

It then opens to other Ivy league schools and Stanford University in California.

August 2004

October 2004

December 2004

Facebook expands to colleges across the country. In December 2004 Facebook reaches 1 million active users.

June 2005

Facebook quickly took hold in the midwestern and southern US. By May 2008, Facebook supports over 800 college networks.

December 2005

In September 2005, Facebook adds support for high school networks across the country.

June 2006

In May 2006, Facebook adds support for corporate networks. In September 2006, feeds are launched. By December 2006, Facebook has 12 million active users.

June 2007

In April 2007, Facebook reaches 20 million active users. In May, the Facebook Platform launches.

July 2008

By June 2008, Facebook reaches 131 million unique visitors in North America (comScore).


July 2004

Facebook was started by Mark Zuckerberg and classmates at Harvard University in Massachusetts, USA in February 2004.

January 2005

In 2005, Facebook began to add international school networks.

January 2006

By the end of 2006, Facebook reaches nearly 2 million users in Canada and 1 million users in the UK.

January 2007

By October 2007, Facebook reaches 50 million active users worldwide.

January 2008

In 2008, Facebook launches translated versions of the site in Spanish, French, German, and releases a Translations application allowing users to translate the site into any language.

July 2008

In July 2008, Facebook reaches 90 million active users globally. Users have translated Facebook into dozens of languages. Facebook growth explodes in South America.

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