Map the Facebook Landscape

Network MapSami Fouad has made a pretty slick application. With “Network Map” you can view all of the Facebook networks organized on a Google map with a count of their network size. I was surprised to find that Washington, DC had more people on Facebook than Los Angeles, California. Also four of the top ten cities were in Canada. Here are the top ten cities with their Facebook population size:

  1. Toronto, ON (643,951)
  2. London (589,485)
  3. Vancouver, BC (283,726)
  4. Norway (267,079)
  5. New York, NY (249,960)
  6. Chicago, IL (229,974)
  7. Washington, DC (194,503)
  8. Calgary, AB (164,713)
  9. Boston, MA (159,571)
  10. Ottawa, ON (147,994)

If you want to see the demographics of Facebook combined with a Google maps overlay, go check out the Network Map application.