A Map of ‘I Voted’ Social Posts Makes the Election Seem Very Close and Very Odd

But digital often doesn't mirror real life

Simply Measured has been tracking people on social media who say they've participated in early voting for the presidential election. For instance, it scraped Twitter, Facebook and other platforms for statements like "I voted for Donald Trump," "I voted for Trump," "I voted Hillary," "I voted for Clinton," etc., since the last debate on Oct. 19.

If nothing else, the company's results reveal two things: the race could be tighter than most people imagine, and probably more importantly, the world of social media doesn't look much like the real world at all.

In terms of the latter, consider that faithfully Democratic New York, per Simply Measured, has so far gone to Trump, while polar opposite Oklahoma is going to Clinton. (Neither scenario is likely to happen when the actual final tally is complete.)

In terms of the race being tight, when it comes to these so-called early voters (more than 4,000 declaring "I voted" in total), Clinton is winning 18 states, and Trump is taking 23. The other nine states are up for grabs.

According to Simply Measured's findings, Trump and Clinton would both currently have 202 electoral votes. Yup, they're deadlocked on social media. Most other projections, such as FiveThirtyEight's, have Clinton with a fairly comfortable chance of winning. It's also worth mentioning that many states have very restrictive rules for early voting, so it's hard to imagine that some of the state-by-state analysis is very accurate. Some folks could easily be fibbing about already having cast their ballots.

So, take a look at what the social data are saying (and probably take it all with a grain of salt).