Manything turns old iOS devices into security cameras

Image via Manything

As consumers start updating to the new line of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C smartphones, shoppers may start looking for ways to make use of their older devices aside from simply selling them. Enter Manything, an iOS recording program that turns old iPhones, iPods and iPads into video monitoring cameras.

The Manything application is free to download, with the service coming with a free one-month trial. The app supports motion detection, sound activated camera flash for catching images in the dark, and support for cellular backup if the device’s Wi-fi connection fails. Users can even watch the video feeds from one or more connected devices on PC or other smartphones, using their Manything account.

Every Manything recording is sent to the Manything cloud, with DVR-like abilities giving users the option of simply searching for moments of high sound or motion activity, based on the wavelengths at the bottom of the recording. This saves users time, as it removes the need to scroll through hours of footage only to find five minutes of activity.

In addition, users can use Manything as video recording software while on the go, saving their recordings to the cloud, instead of taking up space on their devices (like when recording hours of footage on vacation, or during meetings, as examples).

Manything is similar to Presence, another iOS-powered monitoring system, but Manything offers the in-depth recording features that Presence does not. At the same time, Presence is free, while Manything does eventually have a monthly price, so they’re both worth keeping in mind.

Ultimately, Manything was created to allow users to monitor their surroundings without purchasing special (and likely expensive) equipment to do so. The app is suggested for pet-watching, babysitter-monitoring and so on. Watch a video introduction to the Manything service below.