Filmmaker Shocked by Pedigree of Actresses Submitted for Manson Girls

Writer-director Susanna Lo recently put out the word to Hollywood agents and managers that she needed an actress around the age of 60 for a small cameo role in her upcoming Thora Birch project Manson Girls. When Lo started sorting through the responses, she was shocked to find a virtual who’s who of mature leading ladies.

The list began with Terry Moore, one-time resident of Peyton Place and Oscar nominee for Come Back, Little Sheba, and included everyone from Academy Award winner Shirley Jones (pictured) and recent Walk of Fame inductee Diane Ladd to Cheryl Ladd, former Dynasty diva Joan Collins and even Lo’s ideal choice of Kathleen Turner.

Blogs Lo:

Two hundred submissions later, the names kept coming. Good for me, a disgrace for Hollywood. If this was the trend, in another 15 years, Hillary Swank and Charlize Theron would be competing for the same five-minute role and Sandra Bullock and Jodie Foster wouldn’t even be able to get in the room. Hollywood – Shame On You!

Lo goes on to suggest that she now plans to write a project “about a bunch of buxom broads over 50,” if only to help steer today’s younger Hollywood female titans towards better care of their own. She warns that if they don’t do something soon, Collins and Turner may be coming after them.