Manscaping Spot Kickstarts Gillette’s YouTube Views

New razor leads to video fanfare

Gillette is quickly racking up video views after enlisting YouTube to promote its first foray into body razors, according to this week’s Adweek/VidIQ top 10 chart.

Gillette’s minute-long "100 years of hair" video pitches its razor product by running through a series of shots showing the change in men's’ styles over the past 10 decades. A call-to-action message at the end of the spot encourages viewers to click through to either learn more or buy the razor. The idea behind the spot is that Gillette has kept up with the changing times, and is now going a step further by entering a new market.

Gillette’s spot, by Grey London, has generated an impressive 5.2 million YouTube views, 657 Facebook shares and 63 tweets since launching on June 24. The Procter & Gamble-owned brand is also running online ads to promote the video’s content.

More than 800 videos have been posted to Gillette's YouTube page, but only a few videos have generated even a fraction of the same buzz as the newest commercial. For example, one of its more popular spots—touting a razor focused on the chin—has 2.5 million views since it was posted in February. The body razor has already more than doubled that figure.

Meanwhile, World Cup fever is maintaining the huge relevance it showed in last week’s chart. Five of this week’s videos are fútbol-themed, including two new additions from Visa, which made video a top priority before the games began in June. The 30-second Hispanic spot is supported with digital ads.

The VidIQ-powered infographic below lets viewers watch all of the videos and check out some stats about the clips.

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