Manhattan Launched in Manhattan, or, The Six Degrees of

manmag.jpgSome of you with ultra sharp memories might recall a post we did last June about Manhattan a new addition to the luxury magazine market, conceived by the folks who are also responsible for Miami. Well, it’s arrived! The launch party for the premiere issue, “Remembrance of Thing Future” was held last night at the Bryant Park hotel, directly across the street from the Bryant Park tents. The fact that the “modern luxury” magazine (free issues were mailed to the 65,000 most affluent households in New York)is also hitting the market the same week the government had to bail out Fannie and Freddie to keep the entire economy from collapsing didn’t appear to throw a wrench into the party atmosphere at all.

That said, we didn’t see any particularly bold-faced names wandering the room, or models for that matter, but perhaps that’s because we were too distracted by the celery appetizers (seriously, more people should do this) and the continually re-filled champagne glasses.

Anyway, back to Manhattan. Where’d they get that name! According to the publisher’s note it was a flash of inspiration that amazingly had occurred to noone else. Almost as amazing is the fact they were able to buy the name for $70 (maybe the only thing going in Manhattan or Manhattan for that price). Says publisher Stephen Kong: “This is what my father called a brilliant flash of the obvious, and I still maintain that the best ideas are the most obvious.” Editor Richard Martin, notes that the magazine is named for the island and not the Woody Allen film.

Inside the magazine
we discovered — amidst a whole lot of luxury ads and a series of fun calendar pages that cover everything from (upscale) food festivals to art shows — that our friend Sophie Donelson is a contributor (she talks about glass houses and design blogs). We last saw Sophie back in January when she accompanied us on our Manchester Econolodge escapades, but she’s also been our mind this week because her husband, Greg Lindsay formerly of mediabistro is the current Jeopardy Champ! A few more wins and maybe they will qualify for a free issue of Manhattan.