Manalto: Social Media Management for the Complex Enterprise

This new social media management platform lets large organizations develop unified brand strategies using a central dashboard.


There are lots of social platforms and tools for social media management. The challenge for big national franchises though, is that it’s hard to actually unify the marketing campaigns.

Case in point: As part of the implementation team for Groupon in Australia, Anthony Owen discovered many of the franchises couldn’t do daily deals because not all of the franchisees wanted to participate. This fractured experience was bad for the franchise and ultimately, bad for the consumer.

He started thinking about solutions for hyper-local marketing and managing the social reach, but couldn’t find anything. So he worked with franchises in Australia to develop Manalto, what he calls end-to-end software for social media management. Indeed, Manalto is designed to mirror the internal structure of a business and enables multi-site, multi-brand organization from a single dashboard.

The problem with other social media management platforms, according to Owen, is that they’re designed for consumers. “I used Hootsuite for years just to manage my personal social media — my LinkedIn, my Twitter, my Facebook,” he says. “But if you’ve got 500 outlets, you can’t bring all of that data into a single dashboard and manage them from one spot with Hootsuite. You’d have to set up 500 Hootsuite accounts.”

Manalto, on the other hand, is designed for the enterprise. With Manalto, a franchise organization could actually aggregate 500 Facebook pages, and filter the pages by country, state, cluster or region. The companies can also provide marketing style guides, allocate pages to local franchisees and manage the permissions for the pages as well.

“The biggest pain point I’m finding in the franchise industry is the ability to centrally manage their brand,” Owen says. “If you go onto Facebook now and do a search on, say, Ben & Jerry’s, there’s not a single bit of consistency across those pages.”

Of course, one of the benefits of buying a franchise is having access to the franchise infrastructure. But until recently, Owen says, there’s been no way for franchise organizations to integrate the marketing style guide into social media. The Manalto platform allows local franchisees to build local social media campaigns using HQ approved assets, which unifies the brand across social media channels.

Ultimately, the goal with Manalto is to integrate into the existing structure of the franchises and make it easier for them to manage their brand across the entire organization.

“The franchise industry is a very old industry,” Owen says. “We’ve built this system in such a way that we can mirror what they do now.”

Image credit: mattlemmon