Managerial Advice to Keep Staff Off E-mails During Meetings: Just Don’t Do It

Sure, you may have been known to peek at your mobile device during a meeting but guess what? It could really get on your manager’s nerves.

So, what if you’re that manager trying to run an efficient meeting, only to look around the conference table and see the tops of everyone’s heads looking down?

According to The New York Post, the key is open communication. Gregory Giangrande, chief HR officer at Time, advises a few options. He says:

“You could tell them that it hurts your feelings when they don’t give you their undivided attention. Or you could send them an e-mail during the meeting asking them to look up and pay attention. Or you can announce next time that beginning today, everyone must give the meeting their undivided attention and stay off of their e-mail.”

Indicating the latter is more direct, exceptions can be made. Let’s say someone’s in the middle of putting out a fire, that should be okay but that should also be explained up front before the meeting begins.