Management Rules for Millennials from the Authors of ‘Manager 3.0’

It seems like millennial is the “it” term of the day. You hear it more and more often and new books relevant to their generation and the workplace are getting published.

Such is the case with Manager 3.0: A Millennial’s Guide to Rewriting the Rules of Management by Brad Karsh and Courtney Templin. Per The New York Post, the authors dished about management rules.

For instance, Karsh pointed out this generation of managers cringe at the word “boss.” Instead, the authors highlighted a “leaderless team” that’s run by a slogan, “We all float together, we all sink together.”

We’re beginning to like the sound of this. Per the interview, Templin continued to say millennials see the importance of incorporating fun at work. “Whether it’s through a work pause — taking a walk outside, stretching in the office, playing video games — or bringing passion and engagement to the everyday work duties.”

So, if you work for a millennial manager, listen up. Karsh mentioned they’re “all about bringing up their people.” They typically help their subordinates climb the ladder at the office.

The downside? The age difference. When a manager is younger than his or her colleague, the difference may be feel severe. In addition, Karsh mentioned some Gen X-ers may feel millennial managers are less decisive than they need to be. Their collaborative nature may haunt them as decisions must be made.