Manage your social presence with SocialSignIn

SocialSignInSocialSignIn is a new iOS and Android app from the company of the same name. It’s available now as a free download from the App Store and Google Play, and does not feature any in-app purchases. On iOS, it’s currently featured in the New section of the Social Networking App Store category. This review is based on the iOS version, tested on an iPhone 4S.

The SocialSignIn service as a whole is designed to allow companies to easily manage their various social media presences by allowing multiple people access to multiple accounts as well as the facility to schedule and autobuffer posts, block or flag various words on both incoming and outbound communication and easily manage social campaigns. It is a premium, paid-for service, though users may sign up for a 30-day trial without having to provide any payment details.

The SocialSignIn iOS app is designed to allow users access to their SocialSignIn account on the go, allowing them to publish new posts and manage their campaigns from their mobile device. Unfortunately, the newly-released app is not quite where it could be, to say the least, providing little more than access to a Web-based app with a fraction of the service’s full functionality.

Problems begin the moment the app is started — for those who are not already a member of the SocialSignIn service, there is no facility to sign up for a new account within the app. Once logged in to an existing account, there is seemingly no means of adding additional social accounts to the overall SocialSignIn login — only existing ones can be managed.


From within the app, users may browse the feeds for the various accounts they have added, check their number of connections and Klout score (though these do not always appear to be particularly accurate) and check any scheduled messages for the account that are currently queued. The main meat of the app is the ability to publish new posts to multiple accounts at once, however. This presents the user with a simple interface from which they may pick the account(s) they want the post to be sent to, compose the message (of up to a rather specific 63,206 characters), add an image from the device’s camera or photo library, and optionally schedule the post for a particular period in the future. The full service allows users to see at a glance when they have scheduled various posts for, but the mobile app allows for little more than the composition of these posts on the go.

On the whole, then, SocialSignIn as a service on the open Web is very good, particularly for those with a large social media team and the need to coordinate campaigns. The iOS app, however, is not good at all. It is too lacking in features, poorly-designed and unpolished to be particularly worthy of recommendation — especially when there are much better free solutions such as HootSuite available. This is one to avoid for now, then, and revisit once the developers have given it some significant updates, polished its interface — perhaps by making a native app rather than providing a front-end to a Web app — and improved its functionality.

You can follow SocialSignIn’s progress with AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social games and developers.