Manage your projects and money with Weave

Weave is a new iOS-based organization app from Intuit Inc. It’s available now as a free download from the App Store.

Weave is yet another to-do list tool for the iOS platform, but unlike many rival offerings that favor minimalism, Weave is a lot more fleshed-out. Rather than simply providing the ability for its users to create a to-do list and check off items as they are completed, Weave provides the ability to organize tasks into projects, collaborate with other users and even track monetary income and expenditure.

The core of Weave is the “My Day” view, from which the user can see any outstanding tasks they have along with any projects they are assigned to. Optionally, the view can be rearranged so that projects are seen first, and it’s also possible to filter to-do items based on whether or not they have a due date, and whether that due date is today, today and tomorrow, or this week.

Upon marking a to-do as completed, Weave invites the user to add additional information — how long it took, whether or not it cost any money and whether or not any money was made as a direct consequence of completing the task. In this way, Weave can be used as a solid means of tracking professional projects’ income and expenses, particularly with the inclusion of a dedicated “money” tab that allows users to track income and expenses over a one week, one month, one year, all-time or custom period. Income and expenses may also be added independently of to-do list items, so the app may also be used as a simple money manager if the user desires. All Weave data may also be exported and emailed as a .CSV file for those who wish to import it into an application on their computer.

As is seemingly obligatory for mobile productivity apps in 2012, Weave also includes a collaboration facility that allows users to share projects or individual items with other users through Facebook, the iOS Address Book or directly to an email address. If the user invited is not detected as being a Weave user, the app recognizes this and invites the user to send them an invitation email.

Weave is a simple, straightforward and easy-to-use app. It is well designed, with an attractive red-and-white aesthetic, and the interface is easy to navigate without any unnecessary glitz. The project-oriented approach to task management is simply-handled but effective, and the addition of the ability to track income and expenses is a welcome one, particularly with the handy graphical interface showing if one is outpacing the other.

All in all, Weave is a solid addition to any productivity-minded iOS user’s device. For free, it certainly represents excellent value, but this does raise a question of whether or not the app plans to monetize at any point in the future. At present it’s a simple, clean, ad-free, in-app purchase-free experience, but will it always be this way? That remains to be seen; for now, however, Weave is a good productivity solution that is well worth a download.

Weave is currently ranked at No. 201 in Top Free Apps, but No. 6 in Top Free Productivity Apps. Follow its progress with AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.