Manage Files On Android Phones Via Wi-Fi

Every now and then I have the need to transfer files from my PC to my Nexus One, and I usually do that by using a USB cable. I don’t always carry the USB cable with me so in cases when I don’t have it and I need to transfer a file I use Bluetooth or mail the file to myself. Today I discovered a way to transfer files to my Nexus One by running the SwiFTP Server on the phone and then connecting to the phone over my home Wi-Fi network.
SwiFTP is a free program and available in the Android Market. When you run the program for the first time you are prompted to provide a username and password to be used when connecting to the phone. The program is very simple, with three buttons: Start, Instructions, and Setup, and to run the FTP server tap Start. You will see on the program’s screen the Wi-Fi URL that you enter in a web browser to browse files on your phone.
After starting the server I start Internet Explorer 8 on my PC running Windows 7 and enter in the address bar, and when prompted provide the username and password I entered when I first ran SwiFTP. If all you want to do is browse files, you can stay in Internet Explorer, but if you want to manage files you will want to open the above location in Windows Explorer, which you do from Internet Explorer by clicking Page, Open FTP Site In Windows Explorer.
Once you have the phone open in Windows Explorer you can copy files to and delete files from the sdcard. I found the transfer speed of sending files to be a little slow, but still usable. After you are done managing the files on the phone you should stop the FTP server to prevent the possibility of someone accessing the phone. SwiFTP is a welcome addition to my Nexus One and if you frequently transfer files to your phone I think you will like it too.