Manage a Hedge Fund on Facebook

Tipping MonkeyWant to create and manage your own virtual hedge fund? The Tipping Monkey Hedge Fund Simulator gives you total control over your own mock hedge fund. This is the most robust trading application that I have seen yet. I previously reviewed a stock picker application that is well made but not as robust since it was created by a single developer. It appears as though Tipping Monkey has been around for a while given that they have an existing site and community dedicated to mock hedge fund management. The application allows you to go long or short on stocks, options, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds (ETFs). If you want to learn more about investing or want to test your skill level against others, go grab the Tipping Monkey Hedge Fund simulatory. This will surely become one of the more popular trading applications. The only problem with the application is that there is a registration process to proceed. Aside from that this application is top tier. So check it out and start trading!

Looks like there is a similar application called “Fantasy Stock Exchange.” If you would prefer trying out another branded mock hedge fund, check out the Fantasy Stock Exchange application.