Man Vs. Wild Actually Not So Wild

0725manvswild.jpgPR disaster time for the Discovery Channel. It turns out Man vs. Wild was largely faked, with host Bear Grylls regularly staying at hotels during filming and off-camera assistants staging many of the show’s most dramatic moments. Shocking: reality television faking the reality.

On an episode filmed in the Sierra Nevadas, Grylls went from biting the heads of rattlesnakes during the day to staying at a luxury cabin at The Pines Resort on Bass Lake. The same episode also featured Grylls coming across wild mustangs in a meadow … But the horses were actually bought in by trailer.

In another episode that took place on a deserted desert island, well … it was actually filmed in Hawaii with a motel located nearby. The episode also featured Grylls making a Polynesian-style raft from spare materials located around him; show advisor Marc Weinert said he actually led a team of builders to construct the raft.

The Discovery Channel has confirmed the allegations.