Man Threatens Ex On Facebook Moments Before Attacking Her

A Bronx man was charged with attempted murder after following through with a threat he posted on his ex-girlfriend's Facebook wall.

A man from the Bronx was arrested and charged with attempted murder after attacking his ex-girlfriend and her daughter. Moments before, he had posted a message on her Facebook wall telling her what he was about to do.

According to the New York Post, Raheem Harris, 20, had the not-so-smart idea of announcing on Facebook that he was going to go to his ex girlfriend’s house and kill her and her one-year old daughter. He is not the father of the child. It is unclear at this point if they had just recently had an altercation or if some other circumstance sent Harris over the edge.

Around 5 in the evening yesterday, Harris sneaked up behind the woman as she walked on Morris Avenue and East 171 St. He reportedly punched her in the back of the head, grabbed the one-year-old, and took off, running to Claremont Park and abandoning the baby in the freezing cold. Luckily, someone heard the baby’s cries and rescued her. Harris’ ex-girlfriend had already called the police and accused him of kidnapping the child. He was arrested in front of his home in the Bronx soon after.

This is not nearly the first time the police uses information posted on Facebook to gather evidence against a suspect. Just last month, police authorities in Kentucky tracked down an escaped murder suspect thanks to the trail of activity he had left on his profile. At Florida State University, they used Facebook to gather evidence and identify an Internet predator who was harassing freshmen students.

Did Harris get carried away by his own rage, or do you think he wanted to “boast” about what he was going to do?