Man Stabbed By Girlfriend Angered By Facebook Post

How much privacy do we expect on the social network? One Indianapolis couple takes this to the limit as an argument over the boyfriend's Facebook page leads to an eventual stabbing.

On the east side of Indianapolis late Sunday night, police arrived to the scene of a couple who had been fighting over the boyfriend’s Facebook page. As a result, the man was accidently stabbed by his live-in girlfriend just below his left shoulder.

While it’s still unclear who exactly threw the first punch – that led to a knife wound – the fight is argued to have been started over the contents of Maurice Davenport, the boyfriend’s, Facebook page, according to a Fox News affiliate.

The 22-year-old man managed to log out and close the page as his significant other was attempting, without success, to see the contents found on it. The argument then continued in the kitchen.

It was here that, according to his 21-year-old girlfriend Shemika McVey, the confrontation escalated regarding his profile on the social network until pushing, shoving, and said accidental stabbing took place. Despite the man taking a knife wound to his left shoulder, no charges will be filed in the incident. I guess that is what we call love surviving social networking obstacles.

With all this being said, it brings into the question the ease of interaction and the expectations of our own privacy on a network as big as Facebook. We see just how personally we take our social networks in this case – potentially we hold them a little too closely skewing the scope of actual privacy – and if nothing else we should realize what should be abundantly clear in the first place: Don’t put anything out there that you wouldn’t want to eventually be seen by the masses.

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