Man, Not Even Spidey Can Keep His Job in Journalism

Sign of the times: Photojournalist (and secret crimefighter!) Peter Parker is getting canned in tomorrow’s issue of Amazing Spider-Man.

According to Marvel’s release, which we read about from Washington Post comics blogger Michael Cavna’s Comic Riffs, Spidey’s actually getting fired for pissing off J. Jonah Jameson, not laid off. Apparently the Daily Bugle is in better financial shape than most real-world papers.

Still, according to the release, Spidey is “going to struggle with unemployment and trying to save the city while he can barely afford to keep a roof over his head.”

Sounds familiar.

Cavna adds: “A big-city journalist getting the boot? File this under ‘horror,’ as we read peeking through our ink-stained fingers.”

(Incidentally: the Wikipedia entry for the Daily Bugle is more detailed than the entries for many real newspapers. Did you know the paper has an editorial policy? And like a thousand characters work there?)