Man Lures Phone Thief With OK Cupid Date

Phone theft is on the rise, and many victims have little hope of recovering their stolen devices unless the thief makes an idiotic error like posting their photo onto the victim’s Facebook account. One Brooklyn resident and trombonist, Nadav Nirenberg,  was clever enough to take advantage of the thief’s technological ignorance.

Nirenberg lost his phone in a cab ride on New Year’s Eve. By the next morning, the thief had already started to use his device to send messages to girls on OK Cupid using Nirenberg’s account and photo. Nirenberg wisely created a fake account with a lusty photo he found online, and called himself Jennifer Gonzalez.

Nirenberg suggested that the two have their first rendezvous at his apartment, where he met the criminal with a hammer and twenty dollars. The exchange was quick, Nirenberg was able to retrieve his phone by threatening him with a hammer and complimenting the crook on his cologne who was obviously ready for a good evening with a bottle of wine for a beautiful lady.

The lesson here is not to try this at home. If you are out in public, safely stow your devices away. Just last week in San Francisco, a woman was tased by a phone thief.

Via NY Post