Man Gets Fired for Using Forklift to Retrieve Vending Machine Candy

twixEver have one of those days where you simply needed a little boost and plunked loose change into a vending machine for a sugary treat?

If you’re Robert McKevitt of Spirit Lake, Iowa, you’ve certainly had one of those days. And then some.

The 27 year-old got fired for trying to retrieve a candy bar from a vending machine. Check that — we need to add one minor detail. An 8,000-foot forklift was involved!

According to the Des Moine Register, he worked at a Polaris Industries warehouse and en route to the restroom he planned to grab a candy bar from the machine.

After depositing one dollar into the vending machine for a Twix bar, he noticed something we’ve experienced, too. The candy bar moved forward and then the 90 cent treat was suspended mid-air.

After inserting another buck to no avail, the machine stopped working. He rocked it and it still didn’t shake that Twix bar loose.

McKevitt decided the next best thing was to get a forklift to move the machine. He told CNN it was a few feet away from the wall and was “a safety hazard.” (Really?) Reports differ, as per AOL Jobs because the Register reports he lifted the machine two feet into the air and then he dropped it. Seven times.

In case you’re wondering, yes, he got his Twix bar after that along with two other candy bars which fell. A supervisor confronted him after the incident occurred this past fall and a few days later, he was fired and later denied unemployment benefits.