Man-Date, The Movie–Good Vehicle for Matthew Perry?

The New York Times is stooping to the level of everyone else in LA–they’ve got an agent. Todd Hoffman, who got to tag along when Broder-Webb morphed into ICM, reps those stories that just beg to be made into feature films. Somehow, one of these is a 1,700 word piece by Jennifer 8. Lee about the alledged awkwardness of guys who aren’t gay getting together and hanging out, one-on-one.

Hoffman also reps Randa Haines, who just directed Matthew Perry in The Ron Clark Story, And by some happy twist of fortune–he also has Harris Goldberg, who wrote and directed Numb, which also stars Matthew Perry. Of all the dumb luck.

So by a law of Hollywood physics, which clearly states Everyone Represented Must Converge, next summer, we can go to the mall and see

Man-Date–Matthew Perry as You’ve Never Seen Him Before