Man at Arms mixes tower defense, a level editor and collectible cards on iPad


Mobile developer Inert Soap has released its tower defense game Man at Arms on iPad, combining real-time tower defense with a map editor, multiplayer gameplay and a collectible card system. Inert Soap was founded by former Blizzard North developers, and the team used its experience on games in the Diablo franchise to create a game with some similar features.

In the game’s single player campaign, players can complete over 24 levels, each with three available difficulty settings. Creatures walk down a set path, and players can build towers alongside this path in designated locations.

Players can build multiple tower types, depending on whether they’d like to focus on ranged or melee combat. As players defeat enemies and complete levels, they’ll win collectible cards for use in the rest of the game. Man at Arms offers over 150 cards for collection, which grant access to different kinds of towers and can increase the offensive or defensive strengths of soldiers or buildings.


“While working on Diablo II and Diablo III we learned that players loved unique random items that were dropped by enemies. We built that into Man at Arms through the cards you earn in the game as you kill enemies,” said Tom Ricket, founding member of Inert Soap. “Most players we’ve watched end up using several different decks to play different scenarios, especially when playing against each other.”

Outside of the single-player mode, players can create their own maps and send them to their friends as challenges. Players can defend their levels against monsters sent by their Game Center friends, and then build their own armies to retaliate.

Man at Arms is now available to download on iPad for $4.99. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.