Man and Woman Arrested In Killing of MTV Coordinator

Two suspects, Jabaar Vincent Thomas, 26, and Destiny Young, 29, were arrested on Wednesday in connection with a string of armed robberies and two murders–including that of 30-year-old MTV production coordinator Gabriel Aron Ben-Meir. The pair are being held on $2 million and $1 million bail respectively.

From the LA Times:

The two were arrested as they rode in a Crown Victoria in Pico-Union, according to an LAPD source. The vehicle was stopped, the source said, because it matched a description of a car used in one of the robberies.

Detectives obtained search warrants for the vehicle and a home in South Los Angeles, which yielded evidence that connected Thomas and Young to the robberies and Ben-Meir’s slaying, according to the LAPD source.

Police say they plan to press charges.

It certainly appears as if Ben-Meir was in the wrong place at the wrong time. But police have so far refused to divulge whether this was a robbery gone bad or a plain cold-blooded murder.

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