Mamiverse, a Site for English-Speaking Latinas, Launches

Today is launch day for Mamiverse, a new website that wants to be, according to The Daily Beast, “for Latinas what Oprah Winfrey was for African-Americans: a pal, a spiritual adviser, and, more subtly, an image-changer.”

The site was founded by Rene Alegria, who previously worked in book publishing for HarperCollins, launching the industry’s first Hispanic imprint, Rayo. The description in The Daily Beast story makes it clear that Mamiverse wants to separate itself from traditional media outlets for Hispanic audiences, like Telemundo. The site targets “American-born Latinas,” the story goes on to say; “a particular kind of Latina mom—an English-speaking, all-American gal.”

The site would also like to generate the power to move the needle on issues like immigration policy, which touches both Spanish- and English-speaking Hispanic populations.

If you’ve taken a look at the site, let us know what you think. Will you be pitching Mamiverse?

Latinos are already exerting an increased political power, stemming from the the 2010 Census numbers that quantified the dramatic growth in the Latino population in this country. This story from The New York Times goes into detail about how the changing demography of the U.S. could change the political geography of the country through redistricting.