TV News Vet Runs for Malibu City Council

One advantage this political candidate would seem to have over his half-dozen opponents is an extra level of media savvy. Per a questionnaire response in the Malibu Times, Hans Laetz is armed with decades of journalism experience:

“I have worked as a professional journalist for 40 years, including 25 years in Los Angeles television news. I was an Emmy-winning news editor at KTLA, CBS News and CBS2, then news operations manager at KTLA and ABC7. I left TV to become a journalism professor via studying law. I now work part-time as a news editor at City News Service and take freelance jobs from L.A. TV stations, as well as work on environmental law issues.”

Laetz’s academic credentials are equally impressive. He has a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from the University of Arizona, a Master of Arts from California State University, Northridge and a recently earned Juris Doctorate from Ventura College of Law.

If elected, Laetz promises to do something about the current state of Malibu’s portion of the PCH, which he deems a “disaster.” Election day is April 10, with three vacant seats set to be filled.

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