Male Journos: Grooming Troubles Are Behind You

The Grooming Lounge, Washington D.C.’s answer for men who who don’t want to walk around looking and smelling like gorillas, has some new products they’re promoting. Namely, a variety of wipe products that male journalists might find useful.

For starters, there are the Mangroomer Biz Wipes, “rear-end approved, moist and flushable, gently scented” wipes to keep guys fresh “back there.” Next up: Dude Wipes — the same idea as Mangroomer Biz Wipes, but these promise to keep you fresh and clean on the road to the 2016 White House.

For those who want nothing to do with rear-end wipes, we move on to facial products. In the offerings are Dermologica Skin Purifying Wipes and the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare EZ4U facial towelettes. For those prone to acne there are Anthony Logististics Astringent Toner Pads and multi-acid resurfacing pads.

And for those of you who just don’t feel like hitting the shower — and let’s face it, male journalists are not known for their metrosexual prowess — there are a few wipes to get you by. They include the Wingman Wipes, portable wipes and a “refreshing alternative” to a shower and the Dermalogica Buffing Cloth, which exfoliates the entire body.

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